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Euphoria Sphere

Euphoria Sphere

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For who ?

For our feline friends who love to play and are attracted to catnip.

What is this ?

A playful sphere filled with catnip, this natural plant that makes cats playful and euphoric, in the shape of a ball and enclosed in a wooden structure for even more entertainment.

Why is it special?

  • Natural stimulation: Catnip makes this ball irresistible, awakening your cat's play instinct.
  • Dental health: By playing with it, your cat takes care of its teeth.
  • Safety First: Made with non-toxic materials to ensure your pet's safety.
  • Catnip is also known for its soothing properties for cats.

How to use it ?

Let your cat play freely with it or engage in interactive games to strengthen your bond.

The little extra:

Its design encourages scratching, rolling and, of course, happy purrs.


Sphere tested by Kachou (consult our team ) to give you an objective opinion on this article:

Kachou came directly to feel the sphere, then quickly began to push it, grab it, roll on the ground with the sphere between her paws!
We will see in the long term if the sphere retains its interest, but for the moment I am not very satisfied with its effect.

Nothing to complain about its quality, the wooden rods are robust, firmly fixed together with rope, the sphere therefore does not deform.

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