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The Scoubid-Ring

The Scoubid-Ring

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Machine washable (gentle cycle) or hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap


Hemp is a 100% biodegradable, compostable material with a very reduced environmental impact.


These toys are our creations, which we manufacture in Switzerland

Imagine your dog's amazed look at his new treasure: the Scoubid-Ring. He's probably thinking, "Wow, my human finally understands my penchant for eco chic!" Yes, because apart from eating and sleeping, your dog has a very good taste when it comes to sustainability.

Made in Switzerland (yes, yes, like chocolate, but much better for your pooch), each Scoubid-Ring is more than just a toy. It's a golden ticket to epic adventures with total respect for our beloved Mother Nature. What if he unfortunately ends up all broken down after an intense gaming session? No problem ! A quick spin in the machine, and there you have your Scoubid-Ring as good as new – ready for the next round.

3 Sizes for Fun Parties Large Medium or Small

For the Terrier Titans: An imposing diameter of 22 cm, perfect for those who think big.

For Large Explorers: With a generous diameter of 12-15 cm, ideal for canines who are not into lace.

For Little Adventurers: A more intimate format of 9-10 cm, so that the little ones don't feel shortchanged.

Each Scoubid-Ring is unique (a bit like snowflakes, but more fun), thanks to the authenticity of our local craftsmanship.

Hemp: Because Your Dog Deserves the Best

    • Durability : Strong but not indestructible – because we know your dog is a superhero in disguise.
    • No Toxicity Guaranteed : Because the only danger should be having too much fun.
    • Eco-Responsible : Grown with love and without cheating on nature – yes, we can say that each Scoubid-Ring has a green soul.

Spiral Design: So that the Game Never Goes in Circles

It's not just pretty to look at; this spiral is a real invitation to play. Its unique smell? A call to adventure for your dog, so that every day is a celebration.

By adopting the Scoubid-Ring , you are doing much more than adding a toy to your dog's collection. You embrace a way of life, a commitment to what is truly important: pure joy, endless play and an unconditional love for our planet.

So, are you ready to join the Scoubid-Ring adventure?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Melissa Masotti Toilettage Canin
Mes clients adorent !

J’ai la chance de pouvoir vendre les jouets dans mon salon de toilettage. Mes clients adorent et leur loulou également ! Les jouets sont de très bonne qualité.

Marisa Neves

Le Scoubid-Anneau

Alicia Conticello
Résistant et écologie 🤩

Jouets incroyablement résistant et écologique pour la planète ! Ma petite Shibette Umi en est juste folle ! Foncez les yeux fermés

Une heureuse

J'ai acheté le scoubi anneau pour mon corgi elle a adoré fabrication aux top et super solide et livraison rapide je recommande