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Eco Clean Litter

Eco Clean Litter

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Discover ECO clean litter, an ecological and clumping solution specially designed for the well-being of your cat. Made from 98% barley and enriched with 2% natural active yeasts, it effectively neutralizes bad odors, ensuring a fresh and pleasant atmosphere at home.

Its unique formula does not stick to your feline's paws and protects your floors from scratches. In addition, its waste treatment is entirely ecological, recovering materials from the recycling of agricultural waste, without tiring the soil.

ECO clean is OK compost certified, attesting to its total biodegradability. You can therefore throw it in the compost or use it as fertilizer for your garden, thus contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Thanks to its exclusive patent for the treatment of ammonia molecules, ECO clean completely eliminates unpleasant odors, while being gentle on your cat's sensitive lungs. It does not emit dust, thus reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.

Choosing ECO clean litter means opting for practical, effective and environmentally friendly litter. Light and easy to remove, it offers high absorption power and neutralizes odors in the blink of an eye. Take part in an innovative and 100% Made in Italy project, while taking care of your animal and the planet!

Main Features :

    • Composition : 98% barley and 2% natural active yeast
    • Ecological and Safe : Made from natural and ecological elements.
    • Anti-Odor : Inhibits the formation of ammonia, thus eliminating bad odors.
    • Clumping : Plant fibers retain liquids, forming a compact ball that is easy to remove.
    • Biodegradable : Can be composted or thrown into household waste (do not flush down toilets in Switzerland).
    • Quantity: 6 liter package, 2.4 kg


I particularly like the light smell of this litter. The grains are hard but pleasant to the touch. What I like most is its clumping power: when Kachou pees, the litter clumps together into a compact ball which is very easy to remove. This helps keep the rest of the litter clean and doesn't have to change everything every time. A practical and ecological solution!

Opt for litter that respects both your pet and the planet. Order now!

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Super produit !

Litière top, pas d'odeur, facile à nettoyer. Je recommande!