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The Nœud chat L

The Nœud chat L

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Machine washable (gentle cycle) or hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap


Hemp is a 100% biodegradable, compostable material with a very reduced environmental impact.


These toys are our creations, which we manufacture in Switzerland

The Nœud chat L - Natural Crafts for Felines

Explore the art of craftsmanship with the Nœud Chat L, an exclusive creation combining nature and play for the happiness of your cat. This toy, the perfect blend of rustic and fun, is designed with a maple stem from our garden, ensuring that no trees are cut down for its creation.

Unique characteristics :

  • Main material: Natural and sustainable hemp.

  • Sound appeal: Small bells attached, providing stimulating and fun play, without disturbing your ears too much.

  • Connection with nature: Maple stem directly from our garden, preserving the environment.

  • Dimensions: Approximately 16-17 cm x 3 cm for the wild candy, 44-45 cm long for the stem and 35 cm for the string.

  • Handcrafted: Each toy is unique, with slight variations in dimensions, reflecting the artisanal nature of our creations.

Product specifications:

  • Composition: Hemp, maple wood, metal bells.

The Nœud chat L is more than a toy, it is a work of art for your cat, designed with passion and precision. Each piece is handcrafted, making each interaction unique for your feline.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Fabienne Lini
      Le Nœud Chat L - Artisanat Naturel pour Félins - amusant et durable

      Mes chats, tant les plus jeunes, que le plus âgé, adorent ce jeu, tout en simplicité et qui les fait jouer et courir sans arrêt et moi aussi 🌸 il est tout au "naturel" dans sa composition et c'est idéal pour un propriétaire qui veut faire la différence dans des achats responsables pour ces petits poilus.