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Boudin Chic

Boudin Chic

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Machine washable (gentle cycle) or hand wash with lukewarm water and mild soap


Hemp is a 100% biodegradable, compostable material with a very reduced environmental impact.


These toys are our creations, which we manufacture in Switzerland

Let's dive into the elegant and ecological world of Boudin Chic , the toy that resists shock with class and conscience. More than a simple play accessory, Boudin Chic is an invitation to the domestic predators' ball, where every dog, great conqueror or little explorer, can express their love for adventure.

For Adventurers of All Sizes

Royal Model: For the titans of the game, a royal pudding measuring 60-65x6-7 cm

Majestic Model : With its dimensions of 45-50x5-6 cm, it is the perfect playmate for large dogs, ready to transform every play session into a legendary epic.

Elegant Model : More modest in size but not in fun, this 30-35x3-4 cm model is the dream ally of small dogs, promising hours of entertainment and complicity.

A Design Thought for Action

Boudin Chic is the haute couture of dog toys:

Duel Titans : Armed with two sturdy handles, prepare for epic tug-of-war duels, strengthening the bond between you and your faithful companion.

Aerial Ballet : Thanks to its tapered shape and practical handles, the Boudin Chic launches gracefully into the air, promising always spectacular receptions.

Symphony of Chews : The texture of hemp invites a concert of satisfying chews, perfect for your dog's dental hygiene.

Hemp: The Web of Eco-responsible Champions

Natural Purity : Chosen for its toxin-free composition, hemp promises healthy hours of play, far from the threats of synthetic materials.

Ode to Gaia : Choosing hemp means choosing harmony with the Earth, cultivated with love, without pesticides, in a resolutely green spirit.

Le Boudin Chic: Where Play Becomes Art

Boudin Chic is not just a toy. It is a braided symphony, a hymn to joy that links entertainment, health and respect for our environment. By adopting Boudin Chic, you are not just giving your companion a toy. You share a piece of poetry, a testament to fun where every pull, every jump and every nibble is an ode to life.

With Boudin Chic, every moment of play is an epic adventure, a journey to the heart of love and respect for our planet. Welcome to the chic revolution of dog play!

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