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Professional double brush

Professional double brush

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Enhance your pet's grooming with the Barbershop Croci Vintage double-sided wooden brush. Designed with passion in the Italian workshops of the Croci brand, this brush is the perfect alliance between aesthetics and functionality.

Features of the Croci Vintage Barbershop brush:

  • Artisanal origin : An authentic creation made in Italy by Croci, guaranteeing superior quality.
  • Dual function : Gently massage your pet while detangling tangles and removing excess undercoat.
  • Adaptability : Thanks to its soft pad, the brush perfectly matches the contours of your pet's body, ensuring effective and comfortable brushing.
  • Versatility : Ideal for all types of hair, even the most stubborn. The rubber handle is ergonomic and non-slip.
  • Premium design : Made from quality wood, stainless steel and rubber, it comes in an elegant box with a magnetic closure and a hook for convenient storage.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 6.7 x 6cm


  • Steel teeth with rounded tips
  • Drink
  • Rubber

    Give your pet a moment of relaxation and well-being with the Barbershop Croci Vintage brush, and transform each grooming session into a real moment of complicity.

    This article is part of our selection committed to a more sustainable future. Although it is not entirely eco-responsible, we are in constant dialogue with our manufacturers to improve this point.


    Babou and Kachou both tested this brush ( see our team )

    Kachou loves being brushed, so it was easy to try it with her. The handle is actually pleasant to hold and the fingers do not slip.

    Kachou loves rubbing hard against the brushes, I particularly like the round-tipped bristles, so I'm sure she won't get hurt.

    Kachou has short hairs, so no problem with this brush to reach his skin and ensure an optimal massage.

    Babou is much less a fan of brushing (he often and easily gets knots, so it's hard not to pull out a few hairs...), he nevertheless agreed to try this brush.

    For its long and dense bristles, I can say that this brush is quite effective in brushing it down to the skin. The nubs are hard enough to resist the density of his fur, but at the same time soft enough that I can feel when there is a knot and go more gently.

    The soft side is pleasant for "shining" the surface of the hairs and especially for recovering the hairs which have been detached by the steel pins.

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