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Sustainable activities

lush forest

Croci Spa has decided to commit as much as possible to eco-sustainability.

The company's objective is to become a player zero emissions as soon as possible. The optimization of offices, warehouses and production units for an ecological shift has already begun.

For more than 30 years, Croci has taken care of animals with products designed for their well-being. With the same passion, the company wants to give a “helping hand” to the environment, in order to generate a positive impact likely to encourage other companies to follow this path. This is why Croci decided to collaborate with Treedom to plant a forest of cocoa trees in Cameroon which will be cultivated by local communities, because sustainable development, when shared, is a mission that bears its most beautiful fruits.

The Croci forest

500 cocoa trees have already been planted in Cameroon and others will be planted by the end of the year. Thanks to Treedom, not only does Croci work for the environment – ​​the trees planted absorb a quantity of CO 2 from the atmosphere which could fill 143 trucks – but it also helps farmers by improving food security for rural populations, increasing local agricultural resources and providing the opportunity for additional income.