Each product in our new range is a personal creation, crafted with love and dedication. As the founder, I am committed to providing your four-legged friends with natural, safe and ecological products.

Personal and Passionate Creation

Each piece in our collection is the result of meticulous and passionate work. My artisanal approach ensures attention to detail and superior quality, reflecting my personal commitment to the health and well-being of your animals.

Materials Chosen for Their Quality and Impact

The use of natural and untreated materials is at the heart of our philosophy. I favor plant fabrics like hemp, known for its multiple benefits: durability, antifungal and antibacterial properties, and safety for animals. These eco-responsible choices contribute to protecting the environment while ensuring the safety and comfort of your animals.

A Conscious and Thoughtful Design

Each product is designed to combine aesthetics, functionality and durability. I strive to create items that not only meet the needs of your pets, but also fit elegantly into your daily life. The goal is to harmoniously merge design and sustainability.

Commitment to Animal Welfare and Ecology

The health, well-being of your animals and the preservation of our planet are the pillars of AninestEco. I am generously helped by my two appointed testers Babou and Kachou to scrupulously test each product, to ensure that they meet the high standards that I have established in terms of comfort and safety.