Les dangers méconnus des balles de tennis pour les chiens

The little-known dangers of tennis balls for dogs

In the world of dog toys, tennis balls are a popular option due to their bounce and accessibility. However, behind their harmless appearance hide several health risks for our four-legged companions.

1. Risks for Teeth

The yellow felt that covers tennis balls, often made of wool and nylon, has a rough texture. This characteristic can damage dogs' dental enamel, leading to excessive wear and tear in the long term. As dogs' teeth are essential for their primary needs and well-being, it is crucial to take this aspect into account when choosing toys.

2. Ingestion Hazard

Dogs love to chew and shred their toys, and tennis balls are no exception. The risk of ingestion of small pieces of rubber or felt is real. This can lead to obstructions in the esophagus or intestines, or even intestinal obstruction, requiring urgent veterinary intervention.

3. Contamination by Impurities

Tennis balls can accumulate impurities such as stones, pieces of plastic, or dust. These particles can be harmful if ingested by dogs, posing an additional risk to their health​​​​.

4. The Myth of Toxic Gas

Contrary to popular belief, the gas used to inflate tennis balls is generally not toxic to dogs. In most cases, it is simply air, which eliminates the risk of toxicity linked to gas in the balls.
Although tennis balls are an attractive play option for many dogs, the potential health risks should not be ignored.

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