Les dangers des peluches pour les chiens

The dangers of stuffed toys for dogs

Plush toys are often dog favorites, but they hide little-known risks

1. Ingestion and Choking Hazards

Stuffed toys with detachable parts like eyes, ears, or other small parts pose a major choking or intestinal obstruction hazard. Dogs can easily tear off these parts and swallow them, which can lead to serious veterinary emergencies.

2. Dangers of Upholstery

The interior stuffing of plush toys is another concern. If ingested, it can cause digestive obstructions in dogs. These blockages may require surgery to remove, and can be potentially life-threatening if not treated promptly.

3. Toxicity Issues

Some plush toys may contain dyes or toxic materials. For example, paint used to color toys may contain harmful substances like lead. Ingestion of these substances can cause serious health problems for dogs.

4. Aggressive Behavior and Hyperactivity

Studies have shown that certain types of play, including with plush toys, can encourage hyperactive or aggressive behavior in dogs. This can disrupt relationships between dogs and cause behavioral problems within the home.
Although their cute appearance makes us want to offer them to our dogs, it is important to realize their potential danger!
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