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  • Loved by cats of all ages


Discover the Lollipop toy, a perfect combination of catnip and silvervine to awaken your cat's natural instincts. Designed to stimulate, relax and entertain, this toy offers a unique play experience for your feline.

Features of the Lollipop toy:

  • Maximum stimulation : Thanks to the combination of catnip and silvervine, this toy awakens your cat's predatory instinct, making it more active and alert.
  • Guaranteed well-being : Ideal for sedentary or overweight cats, the Lollipop encourages them to move, thus contributing to their physical well-being.
  • Guaranteed relaxation : After an intense play session, your cat will feel relaxed and soothed, thanks to the natural properties of these two plants.
  • Oral hygiene : By chewing Lollipop, your cat helps prevent dental plaque and bad breath.
  • 100% natural : Without artificial or toxic additives, this toy is safe for your cat, for you and for the environment.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety: Cats, just like us, are sensitive to tensions in their environment. Their response to stress may manifest itself in behaviors such as hiding, meowing more than usual, growling or worrying about potty training. It is essential to understand that these behaviors do not reflect a mean or resentful nature.

    In reality, these felines are creatures of routine. Minor changes, such as the arrival of a new cat in the neighborhood or the addition of a piece of furniture to your home, guests in your home can disrupt them.

    It's crucial to recognize that our feline friends don't have the same tools as us to manage their stress. Regularly incorporating catnip or silvervine, combined with stimulating toys, can greatly alleviate their sources of anxiety and help them cope better with these situations.

Learn more about the ingredients:

  • Catnip : Better known as Catnip or catnip, it is an aromatic plant from the mint family, rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains nepetalactone, which stimulates and improves your cat's mood.
  • Silvervine (Actinidia polygama) : Sometimes called "Japanese catnip," silver vine is a deciduous climbing vine native to the mountains of China and Japan. This plant contains two components (actinide and dihydroactinidiolide) which attract and relax your cat. It is particularly effective for cats insensitive to Catnip.

Dimensions : Each Lollipop measures approximately 14cm long.

Available in a pack of 2, the Lollipop toy is the ideal accessory to offer your cat unforgettable moments of play and relaxation.


Lollipop tested by Kachou (consult our team ) to give you an objective opinion on this article:

Kachou was directly interested in the Lollipop, she rubbed against it a lot, played with it for a while.

I feared that she would no longer be able to do without it and would constantly ask for it (I put the Lollipop away when I'm not there), but in the end I was able to see that it "regulates" itself, plays for a while with it, rubs against it, then leaves it to go about its business.

I have found her more relaxed since she got the Lollipop, to see how it evolves over time.

  • We guarantee the total satisfaction of your feline companion.
  • Return within 30 days, secure payment and customer service at your service.
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